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As many of you know many major seed companies are packaging their seed products in bulk containers that make it more convenient and cheaper for them. The containers are stackable, water tight and safe from rodents. This packaging system is designed also to save money for the farmer but the bulk containers can cause problems when it comes to handling and transportation. At Roth Seed Caddy, we have efficiently designed our product to hold bulk seed containers from any seed company and aid in safely transporting them to the field where a built-in auger system is used to transfer the seed directly into the seed planter.

 If you have your bulk seed containers delivered to the farm, they can be loaded directly onto the trailer, and the trailer pulled to the field completely ready to fill your planter. Because the Seed Caddy is built to highway safety specifications, it can also be pulled to the seed company where the bulk seed containers can be more conveniently installed. Keeping safety in mind, the Seed Caddy has a low profile to prevent roll-overs. Tail/brake lights in the rear of the Seed Caddy trailer can be easily connected to your truck lights. A heavy-duty jack is installed as standard equipment to assist in hitching and unhitching the Seed Caddy trailer.

 Keeping in mind that time spent loading seed is time wasted during the planting season, the Seed Caddy trailer is designed to hold two, four, six or eight bulk seed containers at once. We have also made the hopper drops adaptable to the different sized bulk containers used by the various seed companies. Changing the seed containers to a different seed type is a snap -- simply close the trap door on the seed container and remove from the Seed Caddy. The seed hopper also features a handy trap door clean-out when changing seed types.

 Filling the seed planter boxes in the field is no chore because the Seed Caddy trailer is equipped with an electric over hydraulic powered auger, for gentle seed handling. The seven-inch diameter tube is capped with a plastic telescoping spout to direct the seed accurately into the planter boxes and not on the ground. All moving parts on the Seed Caddy trailer are safely enclosed, minimizing the risk of personal injury to the operator.

 The Seed Caddy trailer is also thoughtfully equipped with the seed container box locks, tie-downs and a heavy-duty jack to support the hitch while the trailer is idle and to help when hitching the trailer to a truck for towing. The trap door clean-out can be accessed easily without the need to crawl under the Seed Caddy trailer. This is a heavy-duty trailer built to withstand many years of worry-free rugged use.